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RG Riley Wholesale T-Shirts & Sweatshirts | Bulk Blank Plain Tee Shirts
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Adult Mens Sizes
style E115S |Mens Irregular Tank Tops SPECIAL
Style E115S       $1.15/Piece
RGRiley | Mens Jersey T-Shirts | Irregular NEW
Style LC100       $1.30/Piece
Adult Mens Big Sizes
Adult Womens Sizes
style BS613 |Womens Irregular T-Shirts Core Basics
Style BS613       $1.25/Piece
RGRiley | Womens Jersey Camouflage V Neck T-Shirts | Irregular NEW
Style E213C       $1.50/Piece
RGRiley | Ladies Basic T-Shirts | Irregular SPECIAL
Style EM200       $0.85/Piece
RGRiely | Womens Jersey Tank Tops | Irregular NEW
Style EM215       $1.25/Piece
RGRiley | Womens White Jersey Pocket T-Shirts | Irregular Clearance
Style i254W       $1.00/Piece
style I967E |Women Irregular VNeck Pocket T NEW
Style I967E       $1.30/Piece
style I967W |Women Irregular VNeck Pocket T NEW
Style I967W       $1.30/Piece
style SB00E |Womens Irregular Crew T-Shirts Clearance
Style SB00E       $0.75/Piece
RGRiley | Womens Ebony Pocket T-Shirts | Slightly Irregular
Style SB25E       $1.50/Piece
RGRiley | Womens Black Slub V-Neck T-Shirts | Irregular
Style SB59B       $1.20/Piece
RGRiley | Womens White Slub V-Neck T-Shirts | Irregular
Style SB59W       $1.20/Piece
style SB66E |Womens Irregular Crew T-Shirts
Style SB66E       $1.20/Piece
style XR250 |Womens Irregular T-Shirts Clearance
Style XR250       $0.60/Piece

Wholesale Irregular T-Shirts

Hand Graded Slightly Irregular T-Shirts

Irregular t-shirts are second quality defective t-shirts below the brands quality standards. These defects range from minor imperfections to visible flaws like holes or stains. Irregular t-shirts that have been individually inspected are "graded irregulars" the highest grade of factory second t-shirts free of major visible defects.

Irregular t-shirts that have not been inspected or graded based on the defect are considered "Mill Graded Irregulars". They are considered mill graded irregulars because every flawed t-shirt in this category are grouped together as seconds without a distinction for the degree of the flaw.

Click here to learn more about closeout and irregular clothing quality standards